Credicorp aims to provide Chileans with a market-leading digital account, offering better prices and user experience compared to the largest banks in the country.

“The big dream, in the medium and long term, is to become a retail bank in Chile.”

Marco Roca Founder & Director at Krealo

Krealo is the digital disruption team of Credicorp, Peru’s largest financial holding conglomerate. Their goal is to revolutionize everyday finance with groundbreaking and customer-focused solutions. Krealo mainstreams financial innovation and helps people rethink the way they do finance. Bringing together a committed team, Krealo aims to shape end-user experience through open innovation and technology.

Timbi is helping this FinTech fund/incubator at a regional level mainly in Chile with Tenpo, the fastest growing digital bank in the country and Colombia with Tyba, the first automated investment and wealth management advisor in the market. Serving as a recruitment partner for Krealo, we have managed to attract and recruit key strategic positions such as founding partners and CTOs in less than a month and tech profiles (ie. Tech product managers, software engineers, frontend developers, QA automation developers or DevOps engineers) for both Tyba (Colombia) and Tenpo (Chile).