We combine innovation and design to achieve the digital transformation of our users, through solutions that go beyond technology, confront market challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities.

“At Banco de Bogotá we seek that our digitization strategy responds efficiently and effectively to the new needs for communication, information, ease of access and service, which our clients demand.”

Alejandro Esguerra , Head of Digital Strategy

Founded in 1870, Banco de Bogotá was one of the first banks in the country. Being a pioneer in the market, the bank expanded throughout the Colombian territory through mergers and acquisitions and later imposed its internationalization strategy with the purchase of the largest financial group in Central America.

Currently, Banco de Bogotá operates in 11 countries and remains at the forefront of new technologies: by creating an innovation department, the bank has managed to incorporate the knowledge and value offered by Fintech companies into its ecosystem. The goal of the department is the creation of digital products for an audience that is constantly evolving.

At Timbi, we have helped Banco de Bogotá with strategic and executive profiles in the innovation department, acting as a key ally in the digital transformation of the bank.