People in LatAm tend to use crypto to protect their wealth from unstable economies and inflation rates.

“Many banks will be reluctant at first since cryptocurrencies are wrongly perceived as a threat to the financial system”.

Sebastián Serrano, Founder & CEO of Ripio.

Ripio is an early player in the FinTech scene in Latin America; founded in 2013, BitPagos (to be renamed Ripio) was first conceived as a payment gateway supporting bitcoin transactions. Today the company has changed their business model completely to an e-wallet that enables their customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and transact with them on the internet. They are now also developing their own lending token for their users (RCN – Ripio Credit Network). This visionary strategy led them to becoming the first ICO in Latin America, having raised funding from Draper Associates, Digital Currency Group and others in a total sum of over 40 million USD round in Ethereum.

Ripio was Timbi’s first client in the region and we helped them in their expansion across the region, having found the right talent to lead their Brazilian, Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian and Colombian markets acting as their sole talent acquisition partner and recruiting more than 20 strategic hires in less than 6 months.