Educate to eliminate taboos and make sex be perceived as what it is, something natural and fun, contributing to the happiness and well-being of people.

“More than an erotic shop, it’s a community where you can openly talk about sex and relationships with an educational and playful tone.”

Established in 2015, Platanomelón ascended to become one of the most rapidly expanding sexual e-commerce platforms in Spain and Mexico, boasting a community of 4 million on social media. Through a potent integration of a compelling catalog, versatile distribution channels, and a relaxed communication style, it has cemented its status as a sector benchmark.

Originating with the mission of facilitating access to such products for the public, the company has evolved to not only retail erotic items but also provide sexual education and pragmatic guidance, earning the confidence of millions.

Timbi is supporting Platanomelón by recruiting key positions for their expansion in LatAm and Europe.