Coming on strong to revolutionize financial services across the Andean region, Bolivian startup Koban is set to launch their platform by the end of the year.

” Born to serve a market of over 70 million people, some with no access to financial services others deeply underserved by traditional banking players, Koban’s digital financial services platform was built to transform the Andean financial ecosystem.”

Julio Moreno, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Koban

Founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs Julio Moreno, Gustavo Añez and Vijay Pratap, Koban is “a game-changing FinTech on a mission to reduce complexity and revolutionize the way money works in LatAm”.

The startup is set to empower people’s and small businesses’ financial lives through the help of technology and design, promoting financial inclusion in a region where most of the population remains unbanked or underserved.

Koban was created to provide financial customers with a better choice. The startups’ solution will offer digital financial services that are innovative, accessible, and easy to use including payments, money transfers, budgeting tools, credit solutions and more, all in a highly secure digital platform.

At Timbi we helped Koban from day one with key players for the organization such as the CPO, CTO and other key executive hires to lead their business operations and product all over LatAm.