The Startup environment in LatAm has been growing fast-paced in the last 4 years, with millions of dollars invested. Nevertheless, in these countries finding some financial services that supply the needs of the SMEs is difficult.

“We’re on a mission to power your growth, help you scale, and bring financial inclusion to startups in emerging markets”

Amr Shady, Founder and CEO, Tribal.

Tribal was founded in 2019, by serial entrepreneurs located in the USA, who have been using Data Science and AI algorithms to develop interesting financial solutions. Tribal aims to offer different financial tools (ie, credit business card, advanced spend controls) that were built thinking about the principal needs of startups in emerging markets, specifically Mexico. It has a total raised of USD $143.3 million, backed by investors like QED, BECO Capital, Global Ventures, OTG Ventures, and Endure Capital. Inside of this investment, the company obtained USD $3 million from the nonprofit Stellar Development Foundation, to integrate Tribal’s blockchain products with the Stellar network. 

Tribal and Timbi are working together to build an amazing Engineering Team that works remotely in Mexico; beginning with the CTO, and continuing with the Team Leads (SRE, Software Architecture, Security, Cloud Infrastructure). The principal objective is to hire qualified talent for leading and constructing interesting financial products that disrupt the Mexican market.