There are 28 million people in latin america who work but don't earn enough to support themselves with their families above the poverty line, but with the great demand that exists, when they get a job in the technology industry their lives change.

“What we have built is a very extreme focus on results, not all companies are focused on measuring results. On average, after studying for 12 months, our students triple their salary and some multiply it by 10”

Freddy Vega Co founder

Founded in 2012, Platzi is the largest technology-focused education platform in Spanish, that impacts the lives of 2 million students. Their mission is to transform the economy of Latin America into a digital economy that exports talent and knowledge. Platzi has people in Mexico, Colombia, España, Argentina, Perú, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Canada and Suiza. 


Timbi is helping Platzil looking for top-end profiles to lead their operations