The first digital marketplace for healthcare staffing

“We are on a mission to remove every obstacle between providers and the patients they care for. Our focus is to digitize healthcare hiring processes and help clinicians discover rewarding opportunities hassle-free.”

Alexi Nazem ,Co-Founder & CEO at Nomad

Founded in 2015, Nomad Health has been leading the way on the digitalization of medical services in the US. With a team of more than 90 employees and a total funding of $50 M USD, the startup has provided 125k nurses with all the tools, information, and support that they need to find their dream job. Nomad Health is the perfect platform for nurses to be able to do their job while earning a rewarding pay and receive all the benefits that they need to perform at their best. 

Timbi is helping Nomad Health in the process of finding top profiles in Latin America that can add talent and value to their already outstanding development team.