With Neivor, residential managers have more time to provide the best service to more buildings, using a single tool to command the entire back office of the operation.

“We are thrilled to continue consolidating our presence in Colombia and start operations in Mexico were the market opportunity is huge. We are looking forward multiplying our presence by 3 in 2021, up to 1.5 million families in Latin America”

Caterine Castillo, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Neivor

Residential managers who use Neivor, speed up collection management up to 20% by generating charge notices on a single platform: they have control over the common areas, agendas and reservations, everything updated from the app. They can easily identify their payments with unique references and updated account statements, as well as the maintenance of their condo equipment thanks to our system of alerts and reminders. With Neivor, residential managers gather, automate and optimize the entire operation of their condominiums with a flexible and comprehensive tool, which is constantly renovated as it was created to adapt and improve itself according to the changing needs of the residentials.. 

Timbi is helping Neivor with its expansion throughout the region, looking for top-end profiles to lead their operations in LatAm from their offices in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. Adding also key value on their tech team, which is remote.