“Approximately 30% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean do not have access to health care for economic reasons and 21% do not seek care because of geographical barriers.”

“We plan to go into other healthcare verticals, always with the core tenet of providing high-quality healthcare and making it accessible.”

Tommaso Tomba, Co-Founder & CEO at Moons

Moons seeks to democratize healthcare in Latin America with a business model based on accessibility. It´s a Mexico City-based startup with the mission to become the largest and most trusted emerging healthcare company for LatAm. The venture is working in providing premium health treatments at accessible and affordable prices, starting with orthodontic treatments. Moon’s service and solutions are enabled through technology.

Moon has already raised $5 million in financing from a group of international investors, including Jaguar Ventures, Foundation Capital and Tuesday Capital, along with a whole host of strategic individual investors from Latin America’s dental community.

Timbi helped  Moons with various positions in both Mexico and Colombia deploying search capabilities at a quick pace with results and delivering the best talent. Timbi is serving as a sole recruitment partner for Bitso helping the company to cover its Tech positions and strategic roles.