Mexico's emerging middle-class growth is supported by the youth, a completely unattended segment.

“The more loans we give to customers, the more data we have. The more data we have the better the underwriting becomes.”

Adalberto Flores, Founder of Kueski

Founded in 2012, Kueski is the largest online consumer lender in Mexico, using Big Data and machine learning to approve micro-loans in minutes and transfer the money in less than half an hour. It is providing loans to up to 85% of Mexican market. In 2019 it managed to raise an undisclosed amount of around USD 25 million in Equity and USD 100 million as debt which will be used to increase its customer base. 

Today, Kueski has a +300 people team and is not only the most relevant startups in Mexico, but also one of the most relevant and innovative Tech ventures in the region.

Timbi is helping with Tech recruitment supporting different needs in the team (Development, Data Engineering, Automation, Payments, DevOps, etc).