Crypto adoption in the LatAm region is rising as 70% of its population remains unbanked.

“The region is ready for disruption and we want to be the ones to do so by radically advancing financial inclusion for everyone,”
Daniel Vogel, Co-founder & CEO of Bitso.

Founded in 2014, Bitso, almost surpassing 1M users, is Mexico’s leading digital currency exchange. Their vision is to provide hundreds of millions of individuals across Latin America access to fast, services powered by crypto. Their core product is an online currency exchange (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XPR, Litecoin and other – 15 cryptos so far).

Bitso runs the largest and most competitive crypto exchange in LatAm. The company has already raised more than USD $4.4 million so far in overall funding with the participation of important players such as the Monex Group in Japan. Headquartered in Mexico City, Bitso is currently expanding through the Latin American market, and they expect to grow each day more. 

Timbi has worked for bisto as the key partner to help them in their expansion, in technology, operational and management positions.