Companies are making innovation efforts to minimize costs and improve last mile logistics efficiency.

“Changes in consumer behavior are generating a reprioritization in the industry, which needs to leverage technology to break down physical distance barriers, biosecurity concerns, inventory problems and last mile logistics coordination.”

Instaleap is a global company whose purpose is to offer the best technology for last mile logistics.  They created a software which helps  companies to gain their objective market through ecommerce operations.  Nowadays the platform is serving the vast majority of leading retailers across LatAm, US and Europe to achieve last-mile excellence. Their solution reduces on average over 30% in operational costs and boosts end customer satisfaction.

Together with Timbi, Instaleap has formed highly – talented teams  in the different areas such as; technology, product, design and infrastructure. Key strategical rockstars for global markets had been headhunted, creating a crucial connection between the differencial talent and the company.  Timbi has acted as the unique talent partner for the company at this stage of scale.