Valiu’s vision is set at creating a stable monetary union across the continent.

“Valiu’s mission is to enable financial prosperity for everyone regardless of citizenship, nationality, or status. The company works to help people acquire financial stability while becoming less dependent on monetary policies set by their countries.”

Simón Chamorro Founder & CEO, Valiu.

Valiu’s platform helps migrants and other underserved segments of the population to send remittances quickly and simply with confidence and at fair rates. The company is a leader in innovative digital cross-border payments for Latin America. Through their app, the company enables users to easily save, send and receive money with full custody and free from anywhere in the world. Valiu is backed by seed accelerator Y Combinator and recently raised additional funding to propel its dollar-based savings system for users to store and save money in dollars at the best rates possible.

Timbi is supporting Valiu as their own outsourced recruitment unit while they are scaling the business, covering the whole recruitment pipeline and targeting key managerial, operational and tech talent positions in both Latin America and the US.